Harmony’s A.C.T. Policies

As of 2017 all classes will be affected with the following:

  • Make up classes- During a running session everyone is allowed at least one absence that may not be made up. If multiple absences accrue it is possible to make up in another class as long as the class is not already full. Make ups have to be made up with in the current session and expire when a session ends and a new one begins.

  • Refunds- When enrolled in a class, session, or camp refunds are based upon the facility in which the class is being held. Every circumstance is different and I will try to commentate each family as best as I can. Refunds can not be given in a middle of  The Art of Preschool classes.

  •  Weather Cancelation- I follow the policies of Boulder Valley School District (Louisville and Lafayette) and St. Vrain School District (Erie). If there is no school then there are no classes. Classes can not be made up or refunded if canceled because of weather. 

* Behavior- Harmony reserves the right to deny admission or participation to any child who is putting other children or teachers safety at risk. Please refer to the Code of Conduct that local rec. center and the other facility that classes are being held in.* Late Pick-Ups: Children not picked up at the end of the camp day will be supervised by staff. A fee of $1 per minute will be charged after 10min. After camp or class has ended. Every attempt will be made to contact parents. 

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